Five different types of yoga: how to find the right style for you

Introduction: What is yoga, and what are the different styles?

Yoga is the ancient Indian practice of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. Yoga provides many health benefits, including increased flexibility, better balance, decreased anxiety, and improved mood. There are many different styles of yoga like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, kundalini and Vinyasa Flow.

What is Ashtanga?

An ashtanga is a form of yoga designed to take the practitioner through a series of postures, also called asanas. The goal of Ashtanga is to clear away any blockages or toxins from your system and awaken your mind so that you can move towards enlightenment. Along with physical postures, this style of yoga emphasizes breathing techniques and meditation and many other yogic practices.

What is Iyengar?

Iyengar yoga is based on the principle that you can use your hands and feet to increase the intensity of poses. Iyengar yoga aims to help you learn how to control your body with precision, ease, and awareness.

What is Hatha?

Hatha yoga style is a centuries-old form of physical exercise. It claims to tone muscles, improve health and balance the body while also calming the mind. Hatha yoga aims to build strength while being mindful of our breath and alignment in the poses. One should always remember not to push oneself past their limits, as injury can occur.

What is kundalini?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “coiled” and is related to the serpent-like energy that is believed to be coiled at the base of the spine. 

Kundalini refers to a yogic technique that aims to awaken a person’s metabolic system, or unused energy, thereby hastening personal growth and evolution. 

It consists of a series of postures with mantras and purifying breathing techniques.

What is Vinyasa Flow?

Vinyasa Flow is a type of yoga that helps you become more flexible. Vinyasa Flow is an easy-to-learn, flowing style of yoga. It will help you get in touch with your body and let go of any frustration or anger. This type of yoga can turn your whole day around.

Conclusion: So what style should you choose?

Many people have a lot of questions about what style of yoga they should be practising. Picking the right style for you is very important because it will help you live a happier and healthier life. I want to share with you my thoughts on this topic and some helpful tips for choosing your favourite form of yoga.

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