Welcome Discomfort in Bound Angle Pose

When you start to hit your limits in a pose, feeling an overly intense stretch or a muscle trembling with fatigue, your first instinct may be to escape the discomfort. But yoga is a process of self-inquiry, and […]

5 Ways Yoga Is Not Just For Fitness

No matter how much we in the yoga community try to get the point across that yoga has a deeper purpose, a lot of people still think of yoga as little more than a trendy fitness regime. While […]

Honoring B.K.S. Iyengar: Yoga Luminary

December 14, 1918 – August 20, 2014 When B.K.S. Iyengar began studying yoga in 1934, it was not the popular practice it is today. Only a handful of people taught asana-based yoga classes in India, and teaching yoga […]

How Yoga in Schools Helps Kids De-Stress

It’s a typical Thursday morning at KIPP Summit Academy in San Lorenzo, California, as 20 seventh graders file into yoga class. There’s nothing loosey-goosey or crunchy-granola about the atmosphere. KIPP Summit (KIPP stands for “Knowledge Is Power Program”) […]

Take Some Yin and Call Me in the Morning

I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, trips that involve a lot of sitting–in cars, at tables, on airplanes–and not a lot of movement. Because of that, yoga has been hard to come by; five minutes of […]

AcroYoga 101: A Classic Sequence for Beginners

6 poses to put you in touch with the physical and introspective sides of acrobatic asana. Prepare for Takeoff Though this series is safe and doable, let intuition and judgment be your guide. Who plays base and who […]

New Book Celebrates Yoga for All Sizes

Yoga teacher and writer Anna Guest-Jelley is on a mission to make yoga more accessible to people of all shapes and sizes—especially larger body types. Her new e-book Permission to CURVE: Inspiring Poses for Curvy Yogis & Their […]

Why bootcut yoga pants with pockets are the best?

Bootcut yoga pants with pockets are the best because they can carry so much more than your average pair. These include workout clothes, toiletries, food, keys, your phone, and anything else you need on your adventure. If you’re […]

What’s Your Style? Explore the Types of Yoga

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, one of the first things that the instructor will ask is “What style do you prefer?” Explore all your options by reading this article! Ashtanga Yoga What to Expect: The inspiration for […]